Fanatical Dancing Sunflower Sprinkler Watering Tools


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          [High Quality]: Made of high quality plastic material and stainless steel. It is non-toxic, durable and suitable for small farming projects, yard or garden irrigation.

          [UNIQUE FLOWER SHAPE]: The fun look of this sprinkler garden not only fits perfectly with the flowers in the garden, but it's also fun for the kids in hot summer days, kids can calm down and play with water on the lawn.

          [Easy to Use]: Set up in seconds, easily connect any standard garden hose, drop directly into the ground, and watch the flowers dance.

          [Stability]: Garden water embedded in the ground is more stable than sprinkler lawn butterfly, tighten the rod to insert it into deeper ground, and keep it more stable in bad weather conditions.

          [Multifunctional]: Garden sprinklers are suitable for irrigation in gardens, yards, farms, orchards, etc. Also used as a yard sprinkler in summer, it's an inexpensive and easy way for kids to have fun outdoors.